Takeover of Carrefour by Couche-Tard: “This kind of merger is the scrapping of jobs”, judge Philippe Martinez (CGT)

The government has announced new economic measures, in particular on the solidarity fund, on the delays granted to companies to repay their debt. “There are still employees who will remain on partial unemployment. They lose 16% of their salary every month. We need more stringent measures to prevent restructuring plans.”, indicates Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), guest of the “4 Vérités” of France 2, Friday January 15.

And the trade unionist to add: “A certain number of companies earn money. These companies should show solidarity and allow, by a contribution, that the employees are paid at 100%. It is enough to make some decrees, the government can have the hand to provided he bangs his fist on the table a little. “

The government announced a curfew throughout France from 6 p.m., from Saturday January 16. “We announce this practically overnight without planning the organization of work. We could make sure to reduce the working time. Now is the time to try to avoid congestion in the stores”, assures Philippe Martinez.

A merger between Carrefour and the Canadian Couche-Tard was in preparation, but the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire is not in favor of this merger. “This kind of merger, in general, it is the scrapping of jobs and then there is what the minister rightly raises concerning the independence in food distribution on the quality of products”, concludes the secretary general of the CGT.

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