Taiwan Excellence introduces 5 smart water technologies

On November 10, Taiwan Excellence will hold a webinar “Towards Water Industry 4.0” within the framework of Vietwater 2021 exhibition, with the participation of 5 award-winning Taiwanese brands for breakthrough solutions in the industry. water sector.

Towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal “Water and Sanitation for All by 2030”, Viet Nam has tightened measures to manage water resources. The demand for smart wastewater treatment systems in the industry is continuously increasing. Since then, more and more factories in Vietnam are looking for advanced water supply, drainage and filtration solutions to optimize costs and work performance.

In order to support manufacturers to establish “water process 4.0”, leading brands in the water supply and wastewater treatment industry in Taiwan have launched many impressive solutions. Applying advanced technology with outstanding water treatment techniques, breakthrough initiatives from Taiwan will bring sustainable water treatment solutions for businesses and the environment.

In 2021, marks the fifth participation of Taiwan Excellence at Vietwater exhibition. Within the framework of the event, Taiwan Excellence will organize a webinar “Towards Water Industry 4.0” with the participation of senior representatives from 5 Taiwanese brands: EMS, Ketech, Ever-Clear, HCP Pump and Walrus Pump.

At the seminar “Towards Water Industry 4.0”, visitors will listen to the sharing of senior representatives from 5 leading brands in the water industry in Taiwan.

Taiwan Excellence award-winning brands will introduce to attendees the leading outstanding solutions in the water utility industry, applying diverse technologies, such as: IoT, 4G/5G, mobile digitization. intelligent motion and computing software developed by Taiwan. Breakthrough products will help Vietnamese businesses optimize performance, easy maintenance and cost savings.


Taiwan Excellence introduces 5 smart water technologies

A patented invention by advanced wastewater treatment solution provider Ever-Clear, the Liquefied Fenton (FBR-Fenton) technology uses iron ions to oxidize harmful impurities in wastewater. , treating wastewater into a new source of water that meets the standards for industrial use.

Ever-Clear’s representative said that Ever-Clear’s breakthrough innovation possesses many outstanding advantages such as: high oxidation capacity, space saving, environmental friendliness, high flexibility, and ease of operation. operation, low initial cost. This solution, which helps to recycle industrial wastewater without creating toxic by-products, is currently being widely applied in the paper and textile industry in Vietnam.


Taiwan Excellence introduces 5 smart water technologies

Adopting dual light beam technology and using eco-friendly reagents, Chemmit brand online heavy metal analyzers of Ketech have high measurement accuracy, reliability and safety without any problems. still cost optimization. Ketech’s smart innovation is used in a variety of industries such as chemical, petroleum, paper, tin…


Taiwan Excellence introduces 5 smart water technologies

To provide a comprehensive water management solution for both households and large-scale project managers, the GTI series from EMS allows users to monitor real-time water data via mobile devices. Wireless operation thanks to 3G/4G technology. Data will be stored in the cloud to optimize the water management process. This is a pioneer product of EMS Co., Ltd – a leading enterprise in the water industry in Taiwan with water management solutions that integrate IoT data loggers, smart water meters and cloud software.

Besides, the webinar “Towards Water Industry 4.0” also had the participation of 2 other brands: HCP and Walrus. Representatives from these 5 brands will introduce their products in detail at 2pm, Wednesday, November 10.

Representative of Taiwan Excellence assessed: “Environmentally and user-friendly technology solutions promise to contribute to reducing the negative impact of industries on the environment, paving the way for the “technological revolution of the water industry”. 4.0” in Vietnam”.

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