Russia launched a series of domestic social networks to replace Instagram and YouTube

Russia encourages people to use domestic social networking platforms as an alternative to Instagram, YouTube or Google Play. The event that Russia banned Instagram in its territory from March 14 affected 80 million users in Russia, because about 80% of users in Russia follow Instagram accounts outside their country. Russia launched a series of domestic […]


Why should you delete your regular YouTube watch history?

Recording personal searches on a YouTube account is both beneficial and harmful. Deleting the viewing history regularly will help users avoid unnecessary annoyances. YouTube, like many other social networks, uses algorithms to recommend content that matches user interests. That’s sometimes helpful, but it’s also inconvenient in some cases, like when you’ve searched for information you […]

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YouTube announces to stop spreading misinformation about Kovid

YouTube has announced the removal of content spreading misinformation about all approved vaccines. It also says that the ban on false claims about the Kovid-19 vaccine will be expanded. The company said that videos threatening the approved vaccine and causing cancer, infertility, autism will be blocked. The company’s policy includes eliminating the accounts of anti-vaccine […]


Department of Security, Department of Children and TikTok set up hotline to quickly handle similar cases of Tho Nguyen

From the case of the owner of the channel Tho Nguyen posting harmful content to children, the Department of Information Security, the Department of Children and TikTok Vietnam agreed to set up a hotline operating 24/7 between 3 units to handle fast things like that. Cases similar to the Tho Nguyen case will be handled […]


Ask TikTok to tighten censorship, ensure the content is suitable for children

Along with emphasizing TikTokers like Tho Nguyen must be aware of what content is not suitable for children, the Department of Information Security and the Department of Children also asked TikTok to tighten censorship. After posting offensive clips that negatively affected children’s awareness, from the morning of March 16 to now, the Tho Nguyen channel […]