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Olivia Ruiz and her courageous grandmothers

“When her grandmother dies, a young woman inherits the intriguing chest of drawers that fueled all her little girl fantasies. » Thus begins, on the back cover, the presentation of the novel which marks in 2020 the entry into literature of Olivia Ruiz, an emblematic figure of French song for two decades. One by one, […]

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The author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ murdered her husband, convicted by the court

Murder Case: How To Murder Your Husband, Nancy Crampton-Bro, a 71-year-old novelist who wrote an essay, has been convicted of second-degree murder for her husband’s murder. According to The Independent, the 63-year-old chef, Daniel Brophy, was found dead in June 2018 inside the Oregon Culinary Institute in the US, where he worked. He was shot […]


Jean-Louis Fabiani: “Clint Eastwood is the only filmmaker who allows himself a free speech”

INTERVIEW – You can be a sociologist and be interested in cinema. Jean-Louis Fabiani proves it with a fascinating monograph on Clint Eastwood published by Éditions La Découverte. Known for works like Pierre Bourdieu, a heroic structuralism or Sociology of Corsica, Jean-Louis Fabiani works at the Central European University in Vienna. LE FIGARO. – What […]