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“Am I heavy? ”: young men in the #MeToo era

Is the age of flirting over? From the pen of the historian Alain Corbin, this expression designates a very precise period, the first half of the 20th century, when a certain lightness, marivaudage reigned between the sexes. Now that carefree bubble has burst. This beginning of the 21st century is marked by a profound questioning […]


Cinema signs its ecological transition

DECRYPTION – The shoots are organized to be “clean”, with a carbon footprint, short circuits, solar panels, rainwater harvesting or a vegetarian canteen. At the Cannes Film Festival, competing teams are encouraged to travel on foot. At the instigation of the CNC, the seventh art is going green. He could have demanded a driver. Instead, […]

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Ecology and family, the planet in heritage

In Paris, within the Saint-Nicolas technical high school, labeled “eco-school” since 2017, the “sustainable development” club, made up of around sixty volunteer eco-delegates, launched a “clean-up” operation, or digital cleaning (1), with teachers and staff. An initiative in which families have been associated. Many parents participated and recounted their experience on the Direct School site, […]