“When it’s in Africa are you less affected?” : for Omar Sy, the French would be more moved by Ukraine than by other conflicts

Omar Sy in 7 to 8 sunday 1er January 2023. TF1 screenshot Hero of a film on the Senegalese skirmishers, in theaters this Wednesday, January 4, the actor deplores, in an interview with Parisian, that our fellow citizens disdain the African continent. “We remember that man is capable of invading, of attacking civilians, children. We […]

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What will happen in the fight for Ukraine, now Vladimir Putin’s next step?

Russia-Ukraine War What Next For Putin: Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine five months ago in February. Now Putin will definitely think of taking a decision about the next step to carry out this attack. In conversation with AFP after Russian troops captured Ukraine’s strategic city of Lysychansk on Sunday, security experts described five different […]