James Gray, from Ukraine to New York

The American director presents on the Cannes Croisette Armageddon Time. A film with which he revisits his childhood. The opportunity to talk about his ancestors massacred by the Cossacks. James Gray was on the plane during the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. He did not hear Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech but he read extracts […]


Russia lost in the ‘cyber war’ with Ukraine?

Since President Vladimir Putin launched his military offensive into Ukraine on February 24, Russia has been the target of a seemingly nonstop series of cyberattacks. Although government agencies and people in the country are no stranger to attacks by cybercriminals, the sharp increase in hacking cases since the war broke out is unprecedented. . According […]


Part of the crew of the film The Revenge of the Glitter Shrimps, filmed in Ukraine, joined the army

Some actors or technicians who made up the filming crew of this comedy, scheduled for theaters on April 13, have engaged in the battle against the Russians. “Overnight, we saw our actors dressed as soldiers “, said Maxime Govare to the Parisian co-director with Cédric Le Gallo of Revenge of the Glitter Shrimps. Filmed mostly […]


Pioneers of Ukrainian cinema demand the withdrawal of Russian films from platforms and festivals

Whether they are directors, actors, critics or festival directors, these veterans of the Ukrainian seventh art, now refugees, warn of the threat posed by Russian films, vectors of propaganda. All generations of Ukrainian cinema condemn the war raging in Ukraine. After a call for a total boycott of Russia launched by seven filmmakers, veterans of […]


After Atlantis, his visionary film, director Valentyn Vasyanovych documents the war in Ukraine

Accustomed to feature films on the subject, the Ukrainian filmmaker went to bombarded cities to show the extent of the damage. The news caught up with Valentyn Vasyanovych. In 2019, the Ukrainian director was far from imagining, presenting in Venice Atlantis, his visionary feature film on the devastated Donbass region after a year at the […]