The girl suffered from mental abuse

Answer VnExpressThe representative of the hospital leadership said that the baby was taken to the National Children’s Hospital for emergency in a state of septic shock, coma, circulatory failure, digestive disorders, severe prognosis. Doctors urgently intubated, resuscitated fluids, administered vasopressors, and delivered emergency resuscitation. After 4 days of treatment, the patient was weaned from the […]

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Pakistan: Attack on senior journalist Ayaz Amir in Pakistan, strongly condemned by Imran Khan

Violence Against Senior Journalist In Pakistan: Senior journalist Ayaz Amir was attacked by some unknown assailants in Lahore, Pakistan. In this attack, unidentified assailants assaulted senior journalist Ayaz Amir and snatched his mobile. The attack took place outside the Duniya News office in Lahore. Which now everyone is criticizing and condemning in strong words. The […]

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Central Bank said – If the government is not formed in two days, then the economy of Sri Lanka will collapse

Colombo: Central Bank of Sri Lanka Governor Nandlal Weerasinghe said on Wednesday that the country’s economy will collapse if a new government is not formed within two days to restore political stability. Weerasinghe said the fresh wave of mob violence derailed the bank’s recovery plans and that the Prime Minister’s resignation on Monday and the […]

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The situation in Sri Lanka is getting uncontrollable, the house of Rajapaksa, who has resigned, is set on fire – big things

Sri Lanka Crisis: Due to the economic crisis in India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka, the situation is continuously deteriorating. Violence is erupting after the resignation of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. The protesters have come down on arson and sabotage. Now the protesters have also set the house of Mahinda Rajapaksa on fire. At the same […]

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Sexual violence at Polytechnique, an investigation reveals the extent of abuse

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, French higher education is gradually discovering the extent of gender-based and sexual violence that persists on campuses. After CentraleSupélec, it is another engineering school, and not the least, Polytechnique, which has looked into the phenomenon. → READ. Sexual violence in higher education: student associations get involved Following the […]

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Child protection: measures to remove violence from homes

What Happens Behind the Doors of Child Welfare Homes? Rape between children, beatings by overwhelmed educators … Several scandals have erupted in recent years, discrediting these social houses of a social nature (Mecs). Also, during the examination in first reading of the bill “protection of children”, Thursday July 8, the deputies voted several measures to […]