6 ways to help boost your brain – VnExpress

Playing games, learning a new language or traveling… can help you strengthen and restore your brain. Through different ways, you can activate your brain, prevent cognitive decline. Here are 6 ways to help increase memory and information processing for the brain Healthline. Gaming According to Spanish research, playing games can improve brain motor coordination, visual […]

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PowerZ reconciles video games and education

As in any video game, the young user creates his avatar, by choosing his physiognomy and his clothes. Let’s go for the adventure! In a cartoon setting, and an atmosphere close to Zelda or Harry Potter, the player arrives in a medieval village, and chooses to speak to Gretchen or Marta. The trials and puzzles […]

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Video games, the driving force behind success

In 2020, the video game industry broke all records with a turnover of 5.3 billion euros, up 11.3%, according to the annual report of the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers ( Sell), published in March. Containment obviously has something to do with it. Deprived of outings and social relations, the French “escaped” by playing massively, […]


Apple opposes Epic’s anti-competitive behavior

Apple objected to Epic’s claims that “Apples with defects” were anti-competitive and argued that customers had multiple choices about how game transactions were made. In a lawsuit scheduled for April 8, regarding the company being accused of anti-competitive behavior by game developer “Fortnite” Epic Games. Apple opposes Epic’s anti-competitive behavior Epic filed a lawsuit against […]