People voluntarily infected with CoV to try the vaccine – VnExpress

Brother2,000 British volunteers will be given an experimental Covid-19 vaccine, then exposed to nCoV to evaluate the vaccine’s effectiveness. He will test the world’s first human-sized Covid-19 vaccine challenge. The healthy volunteers were tested with the Covid-19 vaccine and after about a month expose them to nCoV under controlled conditions. The study was funded by […]

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Bill Gates said – India’s research, construction work is important in dealing with the corona virus

new Delhi: Eminent industrialist and billionaire associated with charitable work, Bill Gates said on Monday that India’s research and manufacturing work will play an important role in dealing with Kovid-19, especially in making vaccines on a large scale. Gates, while addressing the ‘Mahachunauti Annual Meeting 2020’, discussed the difficulties faced in making the Kovid-19 vaccine. […]