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University reopened in Afghanistan, girl students allowed to attend class

Jalalabad: The country’s public universities opened on Wednesday for the first time since the Taliban took over Afghanistan last year. With the opening of the university, the girl students along with the students finally returned to the campus. Although the Taliban administration did not officially announce its plans for girls studying at the university, media […]

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Covid-19: maintenance of face-to-face exams in universities

While the Covid-19 contamination figures are reaching records, the government is staying the course with regard to end-of-semester exams and partial which, at the university, continue in January: they will be “Kept in person”, said Frédérique Vidal, on France Info, Wednesday, December 29. Objective of the Minister of Higher Education: to avoid the difficulties encountered […]

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Paris-Saclay, the Frenchwoman who sneaks into the best universities in the world

No major upheavals, but a French progression. In the Shanghai ranking, published Sunday, August 15, Harvard remains the best university in the world. It has been 19 years since the American university has occupied the first place of the podium. In second and third positions, Chinese researchers place Stanford (United States) and Cambridge (United Kingdom) […]