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Coronavirus Vaccine: 100 million doses of corona vaccine given worldwide, not even a single vaccine in the poorest 29 countries

new Delhi: The vaccine has emerged as the biggest hope against it after the Corona epidemic took place all over the world. Vaccination against corona has started in many countries of the world including India. According to the news agency AFP, more than 100 million corona vaccine doses have been given so far worldwide. But […]

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Saudi Arabia panics over dangerous new type of corona virus in Britain, all flights canceled for a week

The worldwide number of corona infections has reached 71 million 71 million. Meanwhile, the fast-spreading strain of the corona virus in Britain has disturbed the world. Lockdown has been implemented in the UK with strict restrictions due to the sudden rate of infection in the UK. At the same time, many countries have canceled their […]

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Farmers Protest: Voices in support of farmers not only in country but also abroad

new Delhi: Farmers in the country have taken to the streets in protest against the agriculture laws of the central government. Farmers are constantly opposing the agricultural laws. After which now thousands of farmers are agitating and demanding withdrawal of agricultural laws implemented by the central government. At the same time, voice has started to […]


The British tax authorities at the service of His Majesty James Bond with tens of millions of euros

James Bond, a civil servant (almost) like the others. The TaxWatch think tank has revealed that Her Majesty’s favorite secret agent receives millions of euros in tax credits in the UK, via London-based EON Production. It generates little profit in England, which has not prevented it from amassing 120 million pounds (over 130 million euros) […]