Mexico wants to control the powers of social media

Mexican leaders want to control the power to ban and suspend accounts of social networks, as well as impose financial penalties on these companies. The fact that former US President Donald Trump was banned by Facebook, Twitter … permanently banned accounts, causing concern for Mexican leaders. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized the decisions […]

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Ban on Twitter and Instagram in Myanmar, people protested by playing utensils of military coup

Yangon Myanmar military officials have also banned the use of Twitter and Instagram, increasing the scope of the ban on social media following the coup earlier this week. Meanwhile, in the country’s largest city of Yangon, people protested against the military coup by playing utensils and plastic bottles. In addition to the ban on Facebook […]


Turkey bans advertising on Twitter

Due to the failure to appoint a local representative under the new Social Network Act, Turkey banned advertising on Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest. According to the Turkish Social Network Law, social media companies that fail to appoint a representative in the country are subject to a series of penalties. The law allows authorities to remove […]


Facebook doesn’t get it wrong

Unlike Twitter leaders, the leaders of Facebook do not admit their mistakes in encouraging and gathering extreme groups of users on this social network. In June 2017, while attending the Facebook Communities Conference in Chicago, USA, Mark Zuckerberg said the best thing this social network has to offer is the meaningful active groups. These groups […]


Twitter staff locked the account for fear of revenge by Trump supporters

Fear of being attacked, many Twitter employees had to set their accounts and personal profiles private. According to the New York TimesMany Twitter employees have set their accounts and personal profiles private out of fear of being attacked by Trump supporters. Even after Twitter locked President Donald Trump’s account permanently, some of the company’s leaders […]