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Russia ready to reduce military attacks on Ukraine, but clarified that this is not a ceasefire

Russia Urkaine Conflict: Long talks between Russia and Ukraine took place in Turkey on Tuesday. After the talks, Russia talked about reducing attacks around Kyiv and northern Ukraine. After this, there was discussion in the media, social media and elsewhere that Russia has agreed to ceasefire. Now both the countries have agreed to ceasefire by […]

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Turkish President Corona Positive: Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdoan became corona infected

Turkish President Corona Positive: Corona virus infection has engulfed the world. During this, the effect of corona infection is being seen in many countries. Meanwhile, everyone is looking upset due to the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron. Meanwhile, the infection of corona virus has reached big global leaders around the world. Turkish President […]

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Foreign interference at the university, the other threat

A “watch” report. This is how the senatorial information mission can be defined “On non-European state influences in the French university and academic world”. While eavesdropping via Pegasus spyware is qualified by the Élysée as fact “Very serious” if they are proven, parliamentarians complete a first part of their hearings, before the summer suspension of […]

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The impact of the Chinese company Sinovac’s vaccine has come down, Turkey said – not 91.25 percent but 83.5 percent

Kovid-19 vaccine made by Chinese company Sinovac Biotech has been found to be 83.5 percent effective in disease prevention. Researchers in Turkey said on Wednesday that the final results of the third phase of human trials of the vaccine have been released. Interestingly, in the initial results, the vaccine was found to be 91.25 percent […]

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Turkey raised issue of Kashmir in United Nations Human Rights Council, India raised strong objection

The Government of India has objected to the raising of the issue of Turkey in the United Nations Human Rights Council. Significantly, in the Council meeting, the Turkish foreigner raised the issue of Kashmir during his speech. Interfering in India’s internal affairs is totally wrong – Government of India sources Sources in the Government of […]