Eating watermelon has a solution?

My wife said that watermelon rind has the use of alcohol, eating cool, sweet watermelon is good for health. Is this correct, doctor? (Quang, Can Tho) Answer: Watermelon has a lot of water, sweet and cool taste. In traditional medicine, watermelon has welding properties, diuretic effect, treatment of edema, jaundice, diabetes… In particular, the fruit’s […]


Eat clean, live healthy in spring

In the spring, you should get up early to go for a walk to breathe, limit eating sour foods, increase the sweet and spicy taste, keep the spirit relaxed and quiet. Doctor Bui Huy Can, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Campus 3, said that spring is the beginning of the […]


How to drink alcohol without poisoning?

My husband often invites guests to drink alcohol, many days drink 3-4 hours, then tired, headache. Please ask how much to drink on New Year’s Day to ensure health? (Hoa, 27 years old, Hanoi) Answer: Tet is a special occasion for family and friends to gather. In addition to traditional dishes, wine is a drink […]


Why are banh chung easily moldy?

During Tet, my family often packs a lot of banh chung to eat gradually, but within a few days, the cake is moldy and has a sour smell even in the refrigerator. Why are cakes easily moldy, how to properly store them? (Male, 35 years old, Hanoi) Answer: Moldy banh chung is caused by leaves, […]


The Ministry of Information and Communications inspects the work of ensuring communication in the New Year of Tan Suu 2021

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung and the delegation of the Ministry of Information and Communications visited and inspected the task of directly responding to the Tan Suu 2021 Lunar New Year at the Central Post Office and Viettel Industry – Telecommunication Group. On the morning of the 30th of Tet (February 11), the delegation of the […]