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Dead bodies on the road, people wandering in search of food, after the attack of Russia, the scene of destruction everywhere in Ukraine

After the Russian attack in Mariupol, Ukraine, the scene of devastation is clearly visible from the corpses lying on the streets. For many days, hungry people are now breaking the locks of shops in search of food. Melting ice and drinking it to quench thirst. Shaking at the sound of Russian shelling in the city, […]

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China’s threat to Taiwan increases the risk of war in 2027 or earlier

China-Taiwan Tension: The threat of China’s attack on Taiwan is increasing. Taiwan has become a serious issue in the past few years, as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has repeatedly infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace and threatened maritime activities. China’s aggressive attitude to strengthen its claim on Taiwan is reflected in the possibility of an attack […]


Taiwan Excellence introduces 5 smart water technologies

On November 10, Taiwan Excellence will hold a webinar “Towards Water Industry 4.0” within the framework of Vietwater 2021 exhibition, with the participation of 5 award-winning Taiwanese brands for breakthrough solutions in the industry. water sector. Towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal “Water and Sanitation for All by 2030”, Viet Nam has tightened measures […]

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China is a big threat to the world, may attack Taiwan – US top commander warns

A top US commander said on Tuesday that China could attack Taiwan in six years as Beijing wants to replace US military power in Asia. Admiral Philip Davidson, commander of the American Indo-Pacific Command, said before the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives that democratic and self-governing Taiwan is constantly living under the […]