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India’s position improves in gender equality, up 5 places from last year, Pakistan second worst country

World Economic Forum Report: India has been ranked 135th in the world in terms of gender parity in a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF). However, it has climbed five places since last year, outperforming in the areas of economic participation and opportunity. According to the WEF’s Annual Gender Gap Report 2022 released in […]

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Ignoring Russia’s warning, Finland announces – ready to join NATO

Finland Wants To Join NATO: Finland’s president and government announced on Sunday that their country was willing to join the Western military organization NATO, amid the ongoing Russian attack on Ukraine. This announcement by the Nordic country has cleared the way for the expansion of the 30-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). President Souli Niinisto […]


Staying alone on an island watching movies: the funny proposition of a Swedish festival

The Gothenburg festival wants to experience physical distancing to the extreme. The candidate will isolate himself for a week in a lighthouse. Not a crackle of popcorn, no metallic sound of can opening, but the haunting sound of the waves and the thundering storm. The Gothenburg festival offers a unique experience, which has collected 12,000 […]