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Do rapid antigen test of your children sitting at home like this, know the whole process

Rapid Antigen Test: With the opening of schools in many countries from next week, many parents will use the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) to test their children for Kovid-19 at home. Many governments have strongly recommended testing of school students and employees. This can be challenging for many parents, especially if their child has developmental […]

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Transgender students: the ministry publishes a circular to better welcome them to school

The Ministry of National Education has published a text intended to better support transgender students in school, in order to clarify the role that the institution must play in the face of these “Gender transitions” desired by a growing number of students. → TESTIMONIAL. Transgender children: what impact for loved ones? This circular entitled “For […]

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Canteens: Catholic education judges its students “discriminated against”

While Catholic education is frequently accused of putting up with a lack of social diversity within some of its establishments, its secretary general Philippe Delorme counter-attacked, Thursday 23, during his press conference in back to school. “Our contribution to the public education service mission cannot, despite all the good will of our teams, be offered […]

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At the gates of university masters, students jostle

Adelaide (1) is described as “A brilliant student” by his lawyer. Passionate about European institutions, the young woman, who is completing her first year of a master’s degree (M1), applies for the second year (M2) at Paris-1. But in June 2021, cold shower: she sees her admission refused for “Insufficient level”, despite a journey “Very […]