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People leaving homes in Europe, thousands killed, railway tracks and runways melted due to heatwave

Europe Heatwave: The whole of Europe is facing the scorching heat. The heatwave is so strong that railway tracks and runways are melting there. Western Europe is completely in the grip of heatwave and the direction of this heatwave is moving towards the north. According to data from the immediate Met Office, the highest temperature […]


Binance Subsidiary Successfully Registered in Spain

The Central Bank of Spain has just accepted the registration of a Binance subsidiary to become a virtual asset service provider in the country. According to the Bank of Spain, in order to be registered, the company will have to comply with the rules related to combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Although included in […]


Most people with Covid-19 have headaches – VnExpress

SpainHeadache is one of the five most commonly reported symptoms of the Omicron variant. Headache and fever are the two most common symptoms of Covid-19. Researchers at the Universitario de La Princes Hospital in Madrid, Spain, found that if the F0s present as the first symptom of a headache, they are usually mild and have […]


Rifkin’s Festival, the fiftieth film by Woody Allen will be released on September 29 in France

Starring an American couple in the Spanish Basque Country, this melancholy vaudeville takes up all the director’s favorite themes, with numerous references to the seventh art. According to information from French movie , the fiftieth film written and directed by Woody Allen, dubbed Rifkin’s Festival , will be released in theaters on September 29 in […]