Electronic firms “forget” to recall and recycle used products in Vietnam

Many major equipment manufacturers are still not ready to participate in safe e-waste recovery and recycling activities, ensuring the living environment for Vietnamese people. Large electronic equipment manufacturers must be responsible for the recall and recycling of used electronic products in Vietnam. Electronic companies must recall used products According to Decree 45/2002 on sanctioning of […]


Cinema: 500 films await the reopening of theaters

SURVEY – While no reopening date has yet been set, the number of feature films planned has never been greater in France. American blockbusters risk eclipsing a bloated French production. Close to Saint-Germain-des-PrĂ©s, the display is spectacular. On the facades of the UGC, the film posters have been replaced by photos of the neighborhood traders. […]


Cinderella, The King’s Man, Morbius … Hollywood is preparing the new deprogramming of its blockbusters

Prisoner of uncertainties linked to the health crisis, many studios are considering postponing the release of their films scheduled for spring. The dreaded scenario is taking shape and the American trade press is buzzing about it. Although the vaccination campaign in the United States gives hope for a slow return of the public in theaters, […]