Facebook cooperates with Vietnam to promote the image of SEA Games 31

Facebook is helping athletes get closer to the public through activities on social networks, thereby promoting beautiful images of the 31st SEA Games. Meta – the parent company of the social network Facebook, has collaborated with the General Department of Physical Education and Sports (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) to release the document “Guidelines […]


The disease ‘social phobia’ of young Chinese

ChinaMany teenagers are afraid to meet and communicate with people around them, and spend a lot of time chatting online because of the “social phobia”. In recent weeks, Chinese social media has spread the question: “If you were about to be bitten by a tiger, would you call for help?”. The most common user response […]


Russia launched a series of domestic social networks to replace Instagram and YouTube

Russia encourages people to use domestic social networking platforms as an alternative to Instagram, YouTube or Google Play. The event that Russia banned Instagram in its territory from March 14 affected 80 million users in Russia, because about 80% of users in Russia follow Instagram accounts outside their country. Russia launched a series of domestic […]