Will Elon Musk’s sexual harassment allegations affect the Twitter acquisition?

A flight attendant has accused Elon Musk of sexual harassment. Will this allegation affect the billionaire’s takeover of Twitter? According to Insider, SpaceX spent $250,000 on a flight attendant to keep quiet about Elon Musk’s sexual harassment in 2018. Accordingly, the flight attendant, who used to work in the airline’s cabin crew. SpaceX flight crew, […]


The Land of Men: sacred cows

CRITICAL – In this subtle agricultural drama, Naël Marandin films a breeder who is fighting to save her farm. This is his land. Spread the word. He defends her. If necessary, it will be with rifle shots. Bernard (Olivier Gourmet) is not kidding. This Burgundian farmer is at his wit’s end. The family farm is […]