Consequences of early sex in adolescence

Mai, 16 years old, 16 weeks pregnant, suffered a uterine perforation, bleeding in the abdomen after an abortion in a private clinic. The girl was taken to the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Hanoi) in a critical condition. Doctor Phan Chi Thanh, Department of Examination, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said that patients […]


Sexual behavior reveals psychological trauma

Many studies show that obsession with sex, the desire to perform unsafe sex acts, and feeling unhappy after sex can be signs of psychological trauma. Everyone deals with trauma differently. Some people don’t realize that current behavior is related to past trauma. Psychological trauma can manifest in words, actions, and even sexual behavior. Research on […]


Sex dream

HanoiMs. Hoa, 32, went to the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology for a checkup due to stress because she constantly had dreams of having sex with someone other than her husband. Talking to the doctor, she said that there was no adultery, the couple was very happy, in harmony in life and sex. Afraid […]


Self-diagnosis of men’s dysphoria

Curvature of the penis, warts can be detected with the naked eye, while the foreskin is narrow or inflamed must be touched to recognize. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Lien, Head of the Department of Nephrology, Urology and Orthopedics, Hanoi E Hospital, guided as above and said that men can self-check at home to detect some gynecological […]


How many calories does sex burn?

In 25 minutes of sex, men burn about 100 calories and women lose 70 calories of energy. Doctor Ha Ngoc Manh, deputy director of the Vietnam – Belgium Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, said that the process of having sex consumes energy through sweating and physical activities, equivalent to the collective. mild to moderate sex. […]


Paul Verhoeven scandalized by the prudishness of Dying can wait, the last James Bond

“Sex is the essence of existence!”, exclaimed the Dutch filmmaker, devastated by the extinction of eroticism in Hollywood. But also in the famous 007 franchise. Sensuality is less eternal than diamonds. After several release attempts postponed by a global pandemic that many spy films would not have challenged, the latest installment of the James Bond […]


How safe is sex during pregnancy?

Master, Doctor Tran Ngoc Dinh, Head of Service Department, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said that the right relationship during pregnancy brings a feeling of comfort, happiness and bonding between the couple. At this time, a woman’s body will secrete a special hormone, which helps pregnant women balance the feelings of fatigue and discomfort often […]