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Sponsors-godchildren, a second chance

For a long time, I kept their mailings. I don’t do that anymore, now that they communicate by email or text instead. But faithful to the appointment, my godchildren are keen to perpetuate the ritual: they take advantage of the holidays to give me a sign of life – I am aware that they have […]

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Reconversion: a second life as a teacher

This is his very first class. Back to school 2020, Zoé Cazals has an appointment with her class of 4e at the Parisian college La Grange aux belles. At 25, she may have an eloquent CV (Dauphine, Télécom-Paris, beginning of a career in luxury, advertising, consulting), the stage fright wins her, while this English session […]

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Coronavirus: Worldwide corona patients close to 120 million, Brazil reached number two, see the list of top-10 countries

Corona continues to wreak havoc all over the world. More than 26.3 lakh people have died due to this deadly virus worldwide. On Sunday, the total number of corona virus infections in the world increased from 11,94, 87,107. At the same time, more than 7.6 crore people have recovered from it. In the world, America […]

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“Paternity”, “parenthood” or “kinship”, what name for the new leave of the second parent?

While this Thursday 8, the Assembly must vote the extension of paternity leave to 28 days including seven mandatory, the debates on this a priori consensual reform could be more heated than it seems. At least that is what the discussions showed when the text was passed before the Assembly’s social affairs committee on September […]