John Madden: “I would not have imagined that my film would come out in wartime”

INTERVIEW – The British director, author of comedies whose Shakespeare in Love, in 1998, tackles the historical genre in his latest feature film. At 73, John Madden looks like a British gentleman. The director of Shakespeare in Lovethe seven-Oscar comedy, likes to mix British humour, a pinch of nonsense with deeper reflections on the profession […]


Our review of La Ruse: de bonne guerre

REVIEW – Class, humor and disenchantment are at the rendezvous of this film based on real events in 1943. With a Colin Firth very comfortable maneuvering a stratagem intended to deceive the German forces. For once, we understand that the distributors did not translate the original title word for word, Operation Mincemeat. It would have […]


Jean-Christophe Buisson: “In war as in war”

CHRONICLE – Two good Anglo-Saxon psychological films on 39-45: The Collini Affair and Cunning. War is ugly, but it inspires filmmakers. Probably because it’s ugly, by the way. As such, that of 39-45 offers a catalog of scenarios that seems inexhaustible. Next Wednesday alone, you can immerse yourself for four hours in this lake of […]


Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr. in negotiations to join the cast of the next Christopher Nolan

Oppenheimer, which will retrace the course of the “father of the atomic bomb”, is announced for July 2023. Actors Robert Downey Jr. and Matt Damon are being approached to join the cast of Christopher Nolan’s new film, Oppenheimer, according to the magazine Deadline . Announced for July 2023, the feature film will be an adaptation […]

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Coronavirus: a 100-year-old woman in Myanmar defeated the Corona, said – World War II time was worse than present

The 100-year-old woman from Myanmar feels that the time of World War II was worse than the corona virus epidemic. There is nothing more epidemic of corona virus than in Second War. The elderly woman named Then Khin has defeated the corona virus infection. 100-year-old woman outlaws Corona virus in Myanmar The woman was found […]