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Télémaque, Ikigaï and production schools: three initiatives for more inclusion in education

► With Télémaque, mentoring opens up new horizons A graduate of a business school, on his way to a master’s degree, Élie Benureau, 21, would probably not have completed this career without the Télémaque association. When in fifth grade his French teacher in a priority education college in Grenoble talks to him about the mentoring […]

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Do rapid antigen test of your children sitting at home like this, know the whole process

Rapid Antigen Test: With the opening of schools in many countries from next week, many parents will use the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) to test their children for Kovid-19 at home. Many governments have strongly recommended testing of school students and employees. This can be challenging for many parents, especially if their child has developmental […]

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Recruitment of teachers: “We cannot claim that all schools are equally attractive”

The cross : What do you remember from the announcements made by Emmanuel Macron on the school in Marseille? Marie Duru-Bellat: Teachers and elected officials were waiting for material resources, and the president announced the creation of “Educational laboratories” in 50 schools in Marseille. That is to say, the exploration of experimental techniques of education, […]

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Covid-19: is surveillance in schools really stepped up?

A resumption of face-to-face lessons under close surveillance, first for schoolchildren, on April 26, and with a one-week delay for secondary school students. This is the government’s promise, after three weeks of a parenthesis made of distance learning and school holidays. The protocol, in itself, has not really changed, except that physical education and sports […]