Will Vietnam develop space industry and own satellite beam?

Vietnam is developing a project to strengthen the national capacity for Earth observation based on a system of small high-resolution, ultra-high-resolution satellites using optical sensor technology, radar, combined with flying equipment. Driverless”. According to the Vietnam Space Center (VNSC), the Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Science and Technology (METI) have supported […]

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A unique sight seen in the sky of New Zealand, people were surprised to see the structure made of blue light

Spirals Of Blue Light: Stargazers in New Zealand were surprised to see strange, spiraling light formations in the sky on Sunday night. Photos of these structures were shared widely on social media. Many New Zealanders likened them to some kind of “wormhole”. But experts said that these “weird-looking clouds” were caused by the Falcon 9 […]


Nearly a month into orbit, NanoDragon satellite signal has not been received yet

After 22 days of being launched into orbit, the NanoDragon satellite development unit still has not received the NanoDragon satellite signal sent to the ground station. As VietNamNet reported, the Make in Vietnam satellite called NanoDragon was successfully launched into space on November 9, 2021. However, after nearly a month of separation from the booster, […]


Japan explains why Vietnam’s NanoDragon satellite has not been able to launch into space yet

According to the Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA), the launch of the Epsilon 5 rocket carrying Vietnam’s NanoDragon satellite will have to wait a little longer. On October 7, the launch event of Epsilon No. 5 rocket carrying Vietnam’s NanoDragon satellite and 8 other satellites had to be postponed due to adverse weather factors. This is […]