Vietnam, ASEAN countries, Japan rehearse to respond to ransomware attacks

The ASEAN-Japan international exercise in 2022 is themed “Coordinated handling of cyberattacks via VPN on government agency systems and ransomware attacks on health authorities”. On the afternoon of June 23, the Vietnam Cyber ​​Emergency Response Center (VNCERT/CC), the Information Security Department, the Ministry of Information and Communications hosted an organization for leaders in charge and […]


New malicious code is able to ‘evade’ most anti-virus software

Cybersecurity experts at HP company (USA) have issued a warning saying that they have discovered a new malware called RATDispenser that is able to evade most anti-virus software. Accordingly, a new JavaScript downloader distributed 8 different remote access (RAT) Trojans, keyloggers and information stealers and was able to bypass the malware. detection of most security […]


The US offers a reward of 10 million USD to hunt down a group of transnational cybercriminals

On November 4, the US State Department issued a statement saying that the government will reward $ 10 million to hunt down the DarkSide cybercriminal group, a cybercrime organization based in Russia. Accordingly, this amount will be rewarded to any organization or individual that provides information leading to the identification or location of any individual […]


Cyber ​​attack targeting hospitals causes many patients to die

Cyberattacks by hackers targeting hospitals and medical facilities are not only aimed at stealing money or personal information as before, but also causing many deaths. Cyber ​​attacks targeting the hospital system cause serious consequences, affecting the lives of patients (Artwork). According to the results of a study and survey just published by the cybersecurity company […]


The US health system was under cyber security attack

Computer data loss incident in more than 250 major US hospitals caused interruption of patient care, and medical staff were forced to rely on paper records. Representative of Global Health Services (UHS), a system that manages more than 250 hospitals and medical facilities in the US, said the technology security incident took place on September […]