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Positive education, parents testify

“An ideal towards which I tend” Lara, 39, school teacher ‚ÄúPositive education is an ideal towards which I strive. Let’s say that I would like to succeed in living with my three children, on a daily basis, without going through punishment and screaming. I get there when I put myself in their shoes and consider […]

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Positive education, the limits of a concept

Place the well-being of the child at the center of learning. Not to use force, not to punish, not to shout, to welcome your emotions‚Ķ How can you not adhere to positive education, also called benevolent or creative parenting? After centuries of education based on punishment and threat, this method inspired by positive psychology, born […]

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“A chosen move is always positive”

La Croix: With the health crisis and the confinements, more and more French people want to leave the big cities. Is it easy to change your living environment? Christine Ulivucci: No, of course. Any change is difficult because we are leaving something known. Some people more than others are able to leave their surroundings to […]

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Coronavirus: Confirmation of infection in the President of France, many European giants went into self isolation

A few hours after French President Emmanuel Macron found Kovid-19 positive, many European leaders went into self-isolation. Among those involved in self-isolation were Charles Michel, President of the European Council, and Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain, Antanio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal. In addition, the French President and top officials also announced to go […]