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People leaving homes in Europe, thousands killed, railway tracks and runways melted due to heatwave

Europe Heatwave: The whole of Europe is facing the scorching heat. The heatwave is so strong that railway tracks and runways are melting there. Western Europe is completely in the grip of heatwave and the direction of this heatwave is moving towards the north. According to data from the immediate Met Office, the highest temperature […]


French cinema is celebrating in Portugal

From October 7 to 31, around fifty films will be shown in nine cities across the country. It is the most important foreign event dedicated to the seventh art in Portugal. Launched in 2000 under the aegis of the French Embassy and the French Institute, La Festa do Cinema Francês opens its 22e editing. Over […]

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PM Modi will not go to Portugal next month to participate in India-EU summit meeting, know the reason

New Delhi. Given the situation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Kovid-19, he will not go to Portugal next month to participate in the India-EU Summit. Now this meeting will be done through digital medium. The Foreign Ministry said that after consultation with the leadership of the European Union and Portugal, it has been decided that […]