The oldest man in Australia

Mr. Dexter Kruger, has celebrated more birthdays than any Australian, to date: 111 times. Mr. Dexter Kruger was born on January 13, 1910. His birthday party this year at a nursing home in Rome, Queensland, had fewer guests than usual due to Covid-19. “Even with few people in attendance, we still had a good time,” […]


The mother of three children lost 94 kg

AmericaThree consecutive pregnancies cause Ann Wulff to gain weight by 163 kg. She tried to adjust her diet, losing 94 pounds in two years. Ann Wulff, 39 years old, a teacher in New Hope, Minnesota. She became pregnant soon after marriage and gained 27 kg during pregnancy. “I think pregnant is allowed to eat whatever […]


The old doctor triumphed over cancer through literature and painting

ChinaDoctor Chang Jiu, 76 years old, from Nanshan, Shenzhen, overcame many terminal diseases thanks to the spirit of “leisurely walking” from the arts. 14 years ago, Doctor Thuong Cuu, Emergency Department, Nam Son People’s Hospital, discovered metastatic underarm metastatic breast cancer. During three months, he underwent two major operations, chemotherapy for two years. The disease […]

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A rare picture of painter Amrita Shergill’s husband auctioned, the highest price in bid was around 11 crores

The rare picture of Amrita Shergill’s husband is spoken in crores. Let me tell you that Amrita Shergill was a 20th century Indian woman painter. She was also considered the most expensive female painter of India. At the auction, her husband Victor Egan’s picture has been priced at Rs 10.86 crore. Auction of rare picture […]


Lose 57 kg in 9 months

AmericaAction Bronson lost 57 kg, from 180 kg to 123 kg, in 9 months thanks to a reasonable diet and a strong will to exercise. Action Bronson, a chef in New York, led by Covid-19 should work from home and have more time for himself. Frustrated with his uncontrolled weight, he decided to focus on […]