Jerzy Skolimowski, the outsider of cinema

By Etienne Sorin Posted yesterday at 2:33 p.m., Update yesterday at 2:33 p.m. Jerzy Skolimowski, director of the film EO. ARP Selection PORTRAIT – The Polish director, who is releasing a new feature film entitled EOwants to give a voice to animals and denounce the mistreatment they may suffer. We thought Jerzy Skolimowski was lost […]

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The gas and oil profits of this country increased due to the war, now appeals are being made to Ukraine’s help

Russia Ukraine Conflict: Norway’s oil and gas demand and their prices have increased dramatically as Europe explores alternatives to Russian energy resources. Norway is denying allegations that it is taking advantage of the fighting in Ukraine amid a sudden increase in revenue. Norway is the second largest natural gas supplier to Europe. Poland may have […]

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After 2 months of war, Russia responded to sanctions, stopped gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria

Russia Ukraine Conflict: After the war with Ukraine, America and Western countries imposed many types of sanctions on Russia. Many countries are still increasing the restrictions. In the midst of all this, about 2 months after the war, Russia has also taken many big decisions in response to these sanctions. Under this, Russia has announced […]

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Ukraine has bluntly confronted Russia in the midst of war – President Zelensky has not fled to Poland, is in Kyiv

Ukraine has rejected Russia’s claim that President Volodymyr Zelensky has fled to Poland. Ukraine’s parliament said that President Zelensky has not fled, he is in the capital Kyiv. Ukraine is repeatedly claiming that Russia is trying to kill Zelensky. A rocket fragment was also found near the presidential residence of Ukraine. Taking a jibe at […]