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With Rémy Roth, philosophy is not just a test

Philosophy came into his life through the back door. A subject rather heckled by his classmates in the STI2D technological terminal class (science and technology of industry and sustainable development). He had chosen this sector because it involved drawing, certainly technical, at the time when he was already practicing video editing and thought of becoming […]


Jollien and Campan: “The disabled person is ‘almost’ normal”

CROSS-SERVICE – The handicapped philosopher and the actor-director have shot a comedy where they stage their unconditional friendship. What is immediately striking when you meet them is the complicity that unites the philosopher Alexandre Jollien and the actor-director Bernard Campan. While Jollien publishes Carefree Notebooks (Gallimard), an essay for “to free oneself from the tyranny […]

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Baccalaureate, philosophy keeps its place apart

Essay or commentary? This remains the choice left to the candidates of the general and technological paths, which make up this Thursday, June 17 in philosophy. Like French and oral, this discipline is a survivor in this 2021 session supposed to complete the reform of the high school, but lightened because of the health crisis. […]

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Pierre Zaoui: “Life obliges us to love it”

The cross : ” I love life “, what does this ready-made expression mean? Pierre Zaoui: In reality it can mean a thousand things, from the most beautiful to the most false, including the most ambiguous. When the French aristocrats, during the Terror, danced and shouted ” live life ! “ while waiting for the […]