How to exercise during a ‘red light’ day – VnExpress

Gentle walking, swimming, yoga … are exercises suitable for women when menstruation comes. When menstruation comes, a woman’s body has many changes with symptoms such as cramps, bloating, headaches… Normally, a woman’s menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days, ovulating on the same day. 14th. Women “coming into the month” cause the hormone progesterone (female sex […]


Deciphering the reason why girls hit puberty earlier and earlier

AmericaExperts surmise that early puberty in children is due to overweight, obesity, exposure to certain chemicals in the environment or psychology. In 1980, while serving as director of child abuse at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, Marcia Herman-Giddens discovered that girls there developed breasts between the ages of six and seven, earlier. much more […]


Does IVF depend on menstruation? – VnExpress

I’m abroad, time is limited, can I return home to do in vitro fertilization without waiting for the exact date of my period? (Mina Nguyen, 32 years old, California, USA) Reply: You and your spouse can rest assured because now there is a protocol to use progesterone PPOS to inhibit premature ovulation for customers who […]

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School: a contrasted report during the Covid-19 period, estimates the Court of Auditors

Which report card for the school during Covid-19? Often biting towards this educational institution, the Court of Auditors shows, in its new annual report, a form of leniency. “The mobilization of the digital educational public service within the framework of“ distance school ”in spring 2020 was real and rapid, despite initial difficulties in managing the […]