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Helping employees: in Nantes, Constellation puts you back on the path to employment

The Constellation association supports 180 parents in the Nantes conurbation whose children have a disability that has a strong impact on family life (autism spectrum disorders, multiple disabilities, mental and behavioral disorders, etc.). Founded in 2019 by a medico-social professional and three mothers concerned by this situation, it is inspired by the Quebec organization L’étoile […]

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When do we go where ?

Why do people sleep on the streets? How many grains of sand are there on the beach? What are wars for? Why are you forcing me to eat spinach? Some days I feel like I’m confused with the Whatwhen it’s not with Madame Irma. “Dad, when are we going where?” », already wondered Renaud in […]

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Family policy: the budget provides massive support for single parents

The 2023 budget will be “very family”, promises the entourage of the Minister of Solidarity Jean-Christophe Combe. From Monday, September 26, he must defend the extension of aid to single-parent families promised by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign. Breaking with previous budgets – where family policy was the bare minimum – a generous envelope […]

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Are teens still having a meltdown?

“My son didn’t really have a teenage crisisis surprised Laurence, fifty. He had a few mood swings, but nothing major. » Elizabeth, mother of three, agrees: “My son’s behavior hasn’t changed either.He just started coming home later when he fell in love. As for my daughter, she didn’t play big at around 12.13 years old, […]


Mistakes when washing children’s nose – VnExpress

Using cylinders, mixing salt water, letting children lie on their backs… are mistakes parents often make when washing their children’s nose. According to Master, Doctor Nguyen Trung Nguyen, Department of Otolaryngology, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, not all parents know how to safely and effectively wash their children’s nose. Many parents […]

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The top 10 names given to newborns in 2021

INSEE revealed on Monday June 20 the top 10 of the most given first names in France in 2021. Among girls, the fight is tight, but Jade manages to emerge victorious, with 3,802 occurrences. For boys, it is Gabriel who wins by curling the bar of 5,000 occurrences: 4,974 newborns have been given this first […]