Mistakes when washing children’s nose – VnExpress

Using cylinders, mixing salt water, letting children lie on their backs… are mistakes parents often make when washing their children’s nose. According to Master, Doctor Nguyen Trung Nguyen, Department of Otolaryngology, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, not all parents know how to safely and effectively wash their children’s nose. Many parents […]

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The top 10 names given to newborns in 2021

INSEE revealed on Monday June 20 the top 10 of the most given first names in France in 2021. Among girls, the fight is tight, but Jade manages to emerge victorious, with 3,802 occurrences. For boys, it is Gabriel who wins by curling the bar of 5,000 occurrences: 4,974 newborns have been given this first […]

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teenage lies

Children love to disguise the world or, as the adults say, to lie. It’s a way of progressively differentiating dream from reality and appropriating the latter. It also happens to teenagers to lie, but for very different reasons. They have acquired the difference between dream and reality, as well as a certain moral sense. They […]

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Parents facing their children’s addiction: “understanding is not accepting”

The cross : How to explain that a young person switches to addiction? Muriel Lascaux: There is no typical profile or criteria indicating that such a family will be confronted with addictive behavior. There are, however, risk factors, including genetics, and family history. There are also individual factors: impulsiveness, anxiety, difficulty making friends… Some personalities […]

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Parents of students: members of Apel talk about their commitment

► “We obtained the release of €30,000 to refurbish the canteen” Ludovicsecurity officer, president of Apel at Notre-Dame school, in Bonneuil-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne) “President of the Apel in my children’s school, I sit, by right, within the Ogec, the Catholic education management body. This allows me to make the voice of parents heard when deliberating on […]

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“Teachers and parents, each to their own role”

The cross : In France, the notion of co-education is often put forward. What is it about ? Bruno Humbeck : Co-education describes a situation in which teachers and parents pursue the same goal together, the good development of the child. This principle assumes that everyone respects the identity of the other, otherwise we come […]

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What are parent-teacher associations for?

With the good weather and the calm on the Covid front, the fairs are back. These meetings, largely overshadowed by the pandemic over the past two years, provide parent-teacher associations with an unparalleled window of visibility. “When I joined the PEEP, I underestimated this role of animationrecognizes Laurent Zameczkowski, spokesperson for this federation. I was […]