People who bring oxygen to their homes F0

HanoiNear 11 o’clock on the night of January 11, Mr. Do Chi (Deputy Secretary of Linh Nam ward’s Youth Union), received a call that urgently needed oxygen for an F0 being treated at home with difficulty breathing. Chi immediately put on protective gear, brought an antiseptic bottle, valve, breathing tube, hugged an oxygen tank, and […]


Alexandre Aja, a director who does not lack air

Atypical, he is one of the very few French directors to have succeeded in making a career in Hollywood. With Oxygen, produced by Netflix, it signs a superb closed-door science fiction worn by Mélanie Laurent. Few French filmmakers have succeeded in working durably in the United States, in acclimating to a productivist and pragmatic system […]


Medical oxygen – life-saving patient Covid-19

The virus attacks the lungs, making it more and more difficult for the patient to breathe, if not given the necessary amount of oxygen, they can die instantly. As the pandemic raged in India, sick relatives and hospitals screamed for lack of medical oxygen. How important is this oxygen to the life of the sick? […]