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“Here, I have reconstructed a little home”: senior service residences, between autonomy and security

Thursday at 3 p.m., it’s Lemon heater at the Domitys residence in Villiers-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne). In the living room, about twenty residents solicit their visual memory around a game, projected on a screen. Anxious to reach out to isolated people, the facilitator, Alexis, strives to offer activities that appeal to everyone. Not easy given the diversity […]


Death in European nursing homes

Two morgue workers push a stretcher with the body in a bag out of the room. The old man in the next bed muttered, “Is he dead?”. He reached out to touch his roommate one last time. Reflecting on the repeated scene, one of the staff members, Manel Rivera, was desperate at the scene of […]