Facebook will bear heavy consequences after the “retaliation” of Australian media

After Australia’s first Internet-based news bill, the social media giant blocked the country’s media, angering local authorities and the legislature. With the move “self-defense”, Facebook has suddenly blocked Australian media to deal with potential troubles caused by this targeted bill. However, Facebook’s actions have attracted more accusations from the public about Internet monopoly. On February […]


How has Facebook feed changed from today?

Facebook’s decision to ban Australian users from viewing and sharing news affected users globally. Facebook Vietnam users are not allowed to share news from Australian newspapers. Screenshots On February 18, Facebook decided to ban Australian publishers and users from sharing or viewing domestic and international news, in protest against the new Media Bargaining media bill, […]


Facebook was threatened with a boycott following its decision to ban Australian users from sharing news

02/18/2021 12:57 GMT + 7 Facebook’s decision to ban Australian users from viewing and sharing news has caused global shock. On the morning of February 18, Australians woke up with more shocking news: Facebook banned all news on its platform from Australian citizens. The social network’s shocking decision is in response to the country’s Media […]

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Facebook’s big decision – ban on viewing and sharing news in Australia after a dispute over media law

Facebook Australia: The famous social site Facebook has banned the viewing and sharing of news in Australia. Facebook is in conflict with the government over Australia’s media law. The matter has increased so much that Facebook has also blocked its own page in Australia. Facebook’s move has also affected emergency services in Australia. The law […]

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India angry over British MP’s discussion on Kashmir, said – Pakistan’s false claims and debate on false facts are unacceptable

During the debate on Kashmir in the British Parliament premises, India has protested against the false facts on the part of some MPs, saying that these false facts were made available to the MPs who were kept during the debate as part of their propaganda campaign by Pakistan. . Expressing disappointment over some MPs participating […]

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Autonomy in children, a new injunction?

From parenting magazine pages delivering tips for making your child independent, to National Education circulars urging students to encourage student autonomy, to report card remarks congratulating this ability or sanctioning its apparent defect, this educational standard reigns supreme. all over. During the confinement, which has forced millions of children to “look after”, families were delighted […]