Consequences when children have sex too early – VnExpress

According to doctor Nguyen Ba My Nhi, children have early sex but do not know how to keep it, causing unintended pregnancy, abortion, and infectious diseases. Over 30 years of pursuing the medical profession, many times, BS.CKII Nguyen Ba My Nhi, Director of the Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tam Anh General Hospital witnessed teenage […]

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Viral: When the newborn child removed the doctor’s mask, the signs of innocence were understood by people as ‘a ray of hope’

Many unique pictures or funny videos often make a place on the Internet and go viral on social media. Recently, the picture of a newborn baby taking off the doctor’s mask caught the attention of the people. The Dubai doctor took to Instagram to share the picture. In the picture, he is holding a newborn […]