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UN calls for immediate action on Myanmar military coup, India also keeps a close watch on the developments

United Nations: Myanmar’s army has killed nearly 50 innocent and peaceful protesters since the coup on February 1. Many protesters have also been injured. This information on Myanmar has been given by the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to the Security Council. He also called for immediate joint action through an ‘international mechanism’ to […]

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Revised resolution passed for Myanmar in United Nations Human Rights Council under pressure from Russia and China

Geneva: The military coup in Myanmar is being discussed all over the world. Meanwhile, the UN Human Rights Council unanimously passed a resolution urging military leaders in Myanmar to immediately release Aung San Suu Kyi and other civilian members of the government. The Council passed this resolution altering the pressure of China and Russia in […]

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Protest against coup in Myanmar intensifies, hundreds of people take to the streets

Yangon Protests across the country have intensified against the military coup in Myanmar. Hundreds of students and teachers took to the streets on Friday, demanding to hand over power to elected leaders. Protests in other parts of the country have intensified, including tight security arrangements in the capital. During the biggest rallies ever held since […]

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Ban on Twitter and Instagram in Myanmar, people protested by playing utensils of military coup

Yangon Myanmar military officials have also banned the use of Twitter and Instagram, increasing the scope of the ban on social media following the coup earlier this week. Meanwhile, in the country’s largest city of Yangon, people protested against the military coup by playing utensils and plastic bottles. In addition to the ban on Facebook […]


Myanmar blocked Facebook

The Myanmar government announced it had blocked Facebook as many online planned to protest the political upheaval. Access is also restricted to Instagram and WhatsApp. Guardian reported that the Myanmar Ministry of Information and Communications said Facebook would be blocked until the end of this week, adding that people were “making it difficult for the […]