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The author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ murdered her husband, convicted by the court

Murder Case: How To Murder Your Husband, Nancy Crampton-Bro, a 71-year-old novelist who wrote an essay, has been convicted of second-degree murder for her husband’s murder. According to The Independent, the 63-year-old chef, Daniel Brophy, was found dead in June 2018 inside the Oregon Culinary Institute in the US, where he worked. He was shot […]

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Pakistan: Due to PUBG, there was blood on the child’s head, the whole family including the mother was shot

Pakistan News: In today’s time, the rapid development of technology is creating a big problem in human development. On the one hand, while big inventions in the field of technology are taking human society forward, many of its shortcomings have also come to the fore. In today’s time, the faster the development of mobile phones, […]


Fatal shot on set: Alec Baldwin accused by the father of the deceased director of photography

The American actor should be held “Partly responsible” of the death of Halyna Hutchin, estimates Anatoly Androsovych, the father of the victim, worried for his 9-year-old grandson who, he says, is gradually coming back to life. Two months after the drama that claimed the life of filmmaker Halyna Hutchin, on the set of a western […]