Dogs can sniff out stress in humans

Experts from Queen’s University Belfast found that humans produce a distinctive scent when under pressure and that dogs can sniff out this scent. In work published in the journal Plos One, the researchers say they were able to train four dogs to identify sweat and breathing patterns of stressed people. Samples were taken from the […]


Why do you have nightmares in your sleep?

Nightmares can be caused by stress, mental health problems, drug use or nocturnal eating habits. Nightmares are a common phenomenon during sleep. About 85% of adults have had at least one nightmare within the past year. According to a survey published in the journal PubMed, about 4-10% of people report having nightmares one or more […]


Optimistic life will live more than 90 years

AmericaThe study, based on the health records of 160,000 women of all races and backgrounds, found that optimists can live longer, with a higher chance of living beyond 90. Research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Association on June 8, shows that the factors affecting life expectancy are a healthy lifestyle, such as […]


Tips to improve physical and mental health to welcome the New Year

Experts recommend getting regular checkups, getting enough sleep, eating lots of vegetables and drinking enough water if you want to be physically and mentally healthy in 2022. Covid-19 and the resulting economic recession have negatively affected the physical and mental health of the community, creating new barriers for those with underlying medical conditions or psychological […]

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Corona has a big impact on the brain, makes the power to think and understand very weak – Study

Coronavirus Impact: People who have recovered after beating the corona virus infection may have to face problems like having trouble thinking and concentrating. A research report published in the journal EClinicalMedicine states that people with severe symptoms of Kovid-19 scored low in the online test series and this affected their performance and problem solving ability […]


How to reduce stress during the pandemic?

Due to the epidemic, my husband and I and our 6-year-old daughter had to stay at home often, a lot of pressure and stress appeared. What should I do to improve this situation? (Gem) Reply: Isolation, distance and travel restrictions are one of the efforts to reduce the number of people infected with Covid-19 in […]


Depression in a pandemic

ChinaZhang Xiaochun, an ultrasound doctor in Wuhan, is still immersed in depression even though Covid-19 has not infected the community for months. In the spring, when a pandemic swept the city, Zhang chose to work while her father was seriously ill, and her little daughter was often alone at home. That made Zhang feel heartache […]


Pet robots in nursing homes

AmericaLinda Spangler came up with the idea of ​​buying her mother a robotic dog for her 92th birthday, as she always mentioned the long-lost dog Wolfgang. Charlene Spangler lives at a dementia care facility in Oakland, California. During the Covid-19 pandemic, collective meals and activities disappeared. Mrs. Spangler was not allowed to see her daughter […]