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“Am I heavy? ”: young men in the #MeToo era

Is the age of flirting over? From the pen of the historian Alain Corbin, this expression designates a very precise period, the first half of the 20th century, when a certain lightness, marivaudage reigned between the sexes. Now that carefree bubble has burst. This beginning of the 21st century is marked by a profound questioning […]

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Covid-19 may affect fertility of men, sperm quality may also be damaged – claims in study

A new study on Kovid-19 patients has revealed that Kovid-19 can reduce sperm quality in men with damage and fertility. This viral disease, which kills about 22 people worldwide, can cause sperm cell death, inflammation and so-called oxidative stress. The report published in the journal Reproduction has been claimed by the researchers. The study claimed […]

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Women and men, their vision of consent

“It was healthy to have this debate between us” Aurore, 38, costume designer in Marseille “It’s easier to say no than when I was 20. Yet it happened to me, not long ago, to be confronted with the embarrassing insistence of my partner. We had been together for several months. One evening, he was urgent […]