Pfizer says providing cheap medicine to poor countries

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer said it will sell the drug on a “non-profit” basis to low-income countries around the world. The statement made at the World Economic Forum on May 25 in Davos, Switzerland, is part of the initiative “For a Healthier World”. This action aims to provide all kinds of high-quality medicines and vaccines to […]

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In Orleans, the controversial opening of a faculty of medicine by the University of Zagreb

This is an unprecedented partnership in France. Serge Grouard, the LR mayor of Orléans (Loiret), has just signed with the University of Zagreb (Croatia) to train future doctors in the Centre-Val de Loire, in addition to the university course in Tours (Indre-et- Loire). This announcement, at the end of January, took everyone by surprise. It […]


Self-treatment of Covid at home

HanoiUnable to contact the ward medical center or having to wait for a long time, not being guided or dispensed by medical staff, many F0 go online or ask people who have been infected to buy medicine and treat at home. Hoa’s family (in Hai Ba Trung district) has been infected with Covid-19 since December […]


Folk remedies for sore throat

Thoroughly grilled ginger, cut into pieces to suck; shallot leaves crushed or steamed in a water bath; Lettuce fish puree squeezed juice … drink to treat sore throat. Seasonal change creates favorable conditions for bacteria and viruses to develop, causing acute pharyngitis, characterized by sore throat, dry cough, bronchitis… Herbalist Bui Dac Sang, Academy of […]