Training astronauts on virtual Mars

NASA is developing a virtual reality environment of Mars to train future astronauts. (Source: NASA) Keeping up with new trends, recently, the US space agency (NASA) announced that it is partnering with game production company Epic Games to create a “new challenge” for video game developers. . It is about creating virtual reality (VR) experiences […]


Mars that survived 500 million years was ‘cooked’ by supervolcano eruptions

They were the most violent volcanic eruptions known to mankind. Image of some craters in the Arabia Terra region on Mars. Photo: NASA NASA has officially confirmed that the northern region of Mars has experienced thousands of volcanic “super-eruptions” in 500 million years. These are the most violent volcanic eruptions known to modern science. Although […]

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Bindiya will shine: Swati Mohan’s Bindi, who played a key role in bringing NASA’s rover to Mars, dominated social media

Washington: As NASA’s rover Perseverance landed on the surface of Mars on Friday, the sound of “touchdown confirmed” (successfully landed) echoed in the US space agency’s control room. The announcement was made by Indian-American scientist Swati Mohan, who played an important role in landing the rover on the ‘Red Planet’. Swati Mohan has dominated social […]