Japan develops device to prevent children from being left in cars

Photo Illustration. (Source: Japanese tech companies are racing to launch products that could help end recent summer incidents involving children being left behind in vehicles. dangerous hot weather. Cybernetech, an electronics development company based in Nogata, Fukuoka Prefecture, is designing a system that can detect children left behind in vehicles through built-in sensors, determining […]

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Japan said – China should play a responsible role on Russia-Ukraine war, Beijing gave this answer

Russia-Ukraine War: Japan’s foreign minister on Wednesday urged Beijing to play “a responsible role” in the Russian attack on Ukraine. The Foreign Minister of Japan said this during the first talks with his Chinese counterpart in 6 months. Japan has joined Western allies in enforcing tough sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, while Beijing […]

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Japan and its children at the school of modernity

It’s a journey through time and space, with childhood as a common thread, the way children are brought up and educated, the vision of the world that we intend to transmit to them. A privileged vantage point to understand what Japan was like during the Meiji era (1868-1912). → CRITICAL. “Tales of chance and other […]