Jack Ma’s prediction came true

Jack Ma predicts that in the future, many industries in China will shift from using human resources to replacing them with machines. In the past, many manual jobs such as fishing, farming or porters were the livelihoods of fishermen, farmers and construction workers. Today, however, those jobs are replaced by machines, with automatic watering machines, […]

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Jack Ma, seen after missing for several months, was missing worldwide

Alibaba and Ant Group co-founder Chinese industrialist Jack Ma have appeared in public after months of speculation, including an investigation into their internet empire. China’s most famous entrepreneur addressed teachers in an online conference on Wednesday. This program is part of an annual event related to the achievements of rural education, which takes place every […]

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Jack Ma missing after messing with Chinese government, was sentenced to speak against Jinping? Know what is known

Jack Ma, China’s third largest billionaire and owner of Alibaba Group, has been missing for the last two months. Since speaking against the Chinese government, he has neither appeared on any platform nor in any program. He had said in Shanghai’s speech – there is no matured financial system in China. Jack Ma had said […]