Russia launched a series of domestic social networks to replace Instagram and YouTube

Russia encourages people to use domestic social networking platforms as an alternative to Instagram, YouTube or Google Play. The event that Russia banned Instagram in its territory from March 14 affected 80 million users in Russia, because about 80% of users in Russia follow Instagram accounts outside their country. Russia launched a series of domestic […]


The hidden corner behind the cause of Facebook’s global collapse

Facebook confirmed that a configuration change error was the root cause of Facebook and its WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram applications crashing for nearly 6 hours at night on October 4, leaving its 3.5 billion users inaccessible. “The engineering team discovered configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers that […]


The risk when Facebook wants to ‘addictive’ children with the child version

Parents fear that Messenger and Instagram “child” versions will create a generation of social networking addicts when they were children. Not long after Lexi Wilson moved to a new town in Eastern California last year, her 12-year-old daughter’s school and her 9-year-old son’s school were closed under a state blockade. Like millions of other families, […]


A series of services of Facebook suddenly interrupted

Users around the world have encountered problems with Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram when they cannot access the service for about 1 hour. Based on 4 main products, Facebook has become “a giant social” in the world. However, on March 19 local time (Saturday morning, Hanoi time), Facebook’s services were interrupted, including the Facebook platform, Messenger, […]

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Ban on Twitter and Instagram in Myanmar, people protested by playing utensils of military coup

Yangon Myanmar military officials have also banned the use of Twitter and Instagram, increasing the scope of the ban on social media following the coup earlier this week. Meanwhile, in the country’s largest city of Yangon, people protested against the military coup by playing utensils and plastic bottles. In addition to the ban on Facebook […]


Myanmar blocked Facebook

The Myanmar government announced it had blocked Facebook as many online planned to protest the political upheaval. Access is also restricted to Instagram and WhatsApp. Guardian reported that the Myanmar Ministry of Information and Communications said Facebook would be blocked until the end of this week, adding that people were “making it difficult for the […]