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Art history for children

Barbapapa at the Louvre, The history of art in comics, The Great Book of Art Records, The Art Seekers… The children’s sections of bookstores are full of titles opening the doors to the artistic world. This enthusiasm follows the dynamism of cultural institutions, which have multiplied actions for young audiences over the past ten years […]


Marfan syndrome makes 11-year-old baby 1.8 m tall

People with Marfan syndrome have an unusually long height, abnormally long limbs and may develop cardiovascular, eye, and skeletal complications. On January 6, Hospital E, Hanoi, announced a case of a 11-year-old boy in Thanh Hoa, 1.8 meters tall, with abnormal manifestations in the extremities. The fingers and toes are long, larger than their peers, […]