YouTube blocks the account of US President Donald Trump

Alphabet Inc’s YouTube video sharing service has followed the wave of “turning away” from US President Donald Trump of online platforms. In a January 13 (Vietnam time) noon announcement, YouTube said it had removed new content posted on President Trump’s channel on the grounds that it violated policies on inciting violence. YouTube blocks the account […]

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Along with Facebook, Microsoft and Google will also fight legal battle against hacking company NSO, know this case related to spyware

Facebook has filed an appeal in the US Court of Appeals against hacking company NSO. Tech giants Cisco, Dell, Microsoft and Google have also joined the battle for Facebook. The NSO spyware was also linked to the murder of Jamal Khashogi, a Washington Post journalist who was assassinated in 2018 at the Saudi consulate in […]


Australia will force Facebook and Google to pay for press

Australian authorities yesterday closed a plan to force Facebook and Google to pay newspapers for using news content, the world’s first move to protect independent media. Under a bill to be presented to parliament this week, Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg said the aforementioned tech companies must negotiate with local newspapers and television stations for […]


Turkey fined Google $ 25.6 million in antitrust money

Not only Google has been fined for monopoly, major social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok also have many difficulties with new regulations in Turkey. According to the report, the Turkish antitrust agency, the Competition Authority (RK) today announced an antitrust fine of 196.7 million Lira ($ 25.6 million) for Google. was […]


YouTube quickly fixed the downtime error

This morning, many users across the globe discovered that the YouTube platform encountered an error that could not play the video, the problem was only fixed about an hour later. The issue also appears to affect other services using the YouTube infrastructure, including YouTube TV and movies and TV shows that users buy via Google […]


Google patched the Chrome zero-day vulnerability for the second time in two weeks

Currently, Google Chrome version 86.0.4240.183 is available to download. It fixes 10 security holes, of which one zero-day is being exploited. In just 2 weeks, Google discovered two zero-day vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser. Photo: Malwarebytes Google has just released the latest security update for Chrome browser, patching 10 vulnerabilities, including a zero-day vulnerability that […]


What is remarkable about the business report of the four US tech giants?

10/30/2020 10:08 GMT + 7 Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook have just released their third quarter business reports, all of which exceeded Wall Street’s expectations, maintaining strong growth despite Covid-19. From left to right: Amazon CEO, Apple CEO, Facebook CEO and Alphabet CEO Alphabet Parent company Google recorded revenue of 46,173 billion USD, up nearly […]